New York City during Christmas time

Hello everyone 🙂 since I recently finished my master studies and my internship I thought I deserved a special treat… and since I had never been to New York City (or the US) but always wanted to go there I thought this would be a very special occasion! So after some planning I found myself boarding a plane from Munich to New York in the beginning of December. I took a direct flight so it was very comfortable and due to the nice weather I was even able to see a bit of the Hamptons before landing. After landing everything went super smooth and within a few minutes I managed to get through immigration and picked up my luggage (Don’t forget that you need to apply for ESTA or a Visa beforehand if you are thinking about visiting yourself). I chose to take the Metro to the city from JFK airport which was a super easy and convenient way, you can buy a reusable card which you just charge some money to and off you go. I exited the metro close to Times Square and went straight to my hotel (citizenM) which is located super close to the Times Square, literally just a few minutes and you are right in the middle of the buzz!!! I really liked the hotel directly from the beginning, it is a mid-price segment for NYC I would say and I liked its targeting towards a younger audience. The rooms are super modern and have a nice, comfy bed along the whole window front. Also all their toiletries and pretty much everything as funny catching rhymes and sayings attached, makes the experience really fun J of course the rooms are not very big but I wasn’t really expecting this in NYC! After my check-in and chose to explore Times Square a bit (including some shopping at Sephora 😀 ). Afterwards I had a burger at Shake Shack, my favorite burger ever: the shroom burger, it’s literally a fried mushroom stuffed with melted cheese – so yummy…I wish they would also exist in Germany… but probably it’s better they don’t because otherwise I would have to hit the gym much harder…haha anyways after that I was pretty beat and decided to call it a night.


Next morning I had a yummy healthy at Le Pain Quotidien (and got copied by some locals who ordered „I would like what she’s having“, they were super nice though! Strengthened by my avo toast I headed to central park and had a really nice walk. I went all the way tot o big lake before heading downtown again along 5th avenue. I also passed the MET and felt a little bit Gossip girl-like at the steps in front o fit 😉 I took the Metro for a few stations and exited at central station: just wow! Outside I walked past the Chrysler building and through Bryant park which had a cute Christmas market set up. After a little shopping at Victoria’s Secret (I had to, they just had too many nice things!) I headed to the Rockefeller Center where I had pre-booked a ticket to go to the top. It was just so amazing, such a great view and atmosphere there!!! Plus they have the probably most famous Christmas tree in front oft he building and I stood there and relaxed a bit while watching people ice skating in front o fit: What a way to finish my first day in NYC 🙂


Next morning, I headed to a cafe (is that what you would call it?) which I had read a lot about during my research for this trip: Russ&Daughter! They have amazing Lox (Salmon) Bagels, really yummy! I also stopped at a Wholefoods Market and got some US groceries before heading to China Town and walking across the Brooklyn bridge. It was a bit foggy but somehow that added to a cool scenery! I also wanted to see 5th avenue by dark so after a quick break at my hotel I went back there for a second time to look at all the Christmas decorations. One even had a nutcracker themed lightshow!!! I bought some Christmas gifts at Tiffany’s too 🙂 I had one more over the top Christmas themed part coming up though: The Rockettes Christmas Show at Radio City Hall. It was such a cute show with lots of great costumes, breathtaking special effects (even a 3D flying Santa and Rudolph!) and the whole atmosphere was just sooo nice. If you are a Christmas lover like me I can absolutely recommend it 🙂 I think this was actually my highlight of the trip!! Afterwards I had dinner and drinks at the cute Bubba Gump Restaurant, the Bubba Gump Margherita with Corona is super yummy and you even get to take home the shaker it is served in from the gift shop!


Time for my third and unfortunately already last day in NYC, it went by so fast but I was determined to make the most of it again. I had breakfast at the lovely Kellogg’s Cafe where you can order any sort of cereal you like and make your own combination with fruits and milks (also almond milk). Afterwards I took the metro close to the One World Trade Center and headed to the Liberty and Ellis Island Ferries. After passing an airport style security I was finally able to go on the boat and got off at liberty island. It was really impressive to see the statue and think about how so many immigrants came here with all their high hopes. The statue does really resemble that and is actually a lot taller than I imagined!! Also you have an amazing view of the skyline from the island but beware it can get really really windy so wear a scarf and hat (at least in winter)! After my boat tour I headed back along wall street and took the metro all the way uptown to the Museum of Modern Art. I really enjoyed their collection of art, especially the Monet and Warhol pieces. After that it was time to head over to New Jersey where my flight back was going to leave. What a great experience, thank you NYC, I hope I will be back soon!!!

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