Singapore and Marina Bay Sands

Welcome back 🙂 As you may have already read in my previous posts I recently went on a trip to Vietnam. I decided not to fly home straight from Hanoi but chose a one-night stopover in Singapore since I had never been there before and was very curious. I arrived early morning on day one and was greeted with beautiful sunshine (what a treat after all the fog in Sapa). I took a cab straight to my hotel for the day: the beautiful Marina Bay Sands. Already the arrival was pretty impressive. The hotel is huge, really really huge like nothing I had ever seen before! I think there are around 2000 rooms. I checked in and was lucky to hear that I got a free upgrade from one of the lower floors to the highest floors in the middle tower. It’s pretty funny that they actually need to give you a map of the hotel for you to be able to find your way around 😀 but I managed and entered my room. Wow, this isn’t just a room, it’s like a whole apartment! Also I had a magnificent view of the city:


After a quick rest at the room I headed out to explore the Bay Area a bit. There is actually also a shopping center located in the same building complex as the hotel and you can take a walk along the water front. However, it’s super super humid so I didn’t really feel like staying outside for too long in the heat. After a quick bite I was feeling better again though and headed to the pool. THE pool! Probably the most famous infinity pool and it is truly stunning. The view over the city and sitting at the pool sipping on a fresh coconut drink, felt pretty good! It’s only a bit sad that the pool is really really crowded, you definitely can’t go for an actual swim since there are around 200 people at every time in it trying to take the perfect picture 😀 Still a pretty cool experience. I decided to headed back to the mall for dinner and after seeing a very long waiting line at a Dim Sum place I thought that so many people can’t be wrong and decided on having my dinner at Din Tai Fung. They prepare the Dim Sums freshly and the selection is very good. I really enjoyed the Dim Sums and even tried the century eggs, they are actually not that bad 😀 Also the food is relatively cheap for Singapore. I would definitely come back!


Afterwards I walked over to Gardens by the Bay. I was lucky to still be able to go up to this little path between the trees since a lovely lady gave me her extra but beware that the ticket counter closes relatively early so get your tickets beforehand if you’re able. The view is definitely worth it though (and I’m saying that despite my fear of heights). The park also features a light show at night and you can sit below the giant sky trees and enjoy the music and lights. Very impressive and relaxing 🙂 I also really liked how safe I felt in Singapore, I was literally able to walk around in non-crowded areas at night which I wouldn’t have chosen to do on my own even back in Germany! After the light show at the Gardens by the Bay I went for a stroll around the marina and had a marvelous view of the Marina Bay, the ArtScience Museum and the city skyline. The hotel also offers a light show every night. You should walk along the bay in front of the hotel and will find an area with seating. The lightshow consists of very fine water spray. Onto this wall of thin water moved images and light is projected and combined with music, very nice 🙂 To end the night I went back to the infinity pool and had a Singapore sling while enjoying the view of the city lights.


The next morning, I decided to have my breakfast at the restaurant directly next to the pool. They have a great selection of food and many freshly prepared items such as waffles and eggs benedict. After I had another dip in the pool before checking out of my room. I left my luggage at the storage and decided to take the metro to explore more of Singapore. The metro system is super convenient and super super cheap!! I had a look at a few of the major streets such as Orchard Road and did a little shopping and found a shop selling frozen yoghurt style icecream made from coconut milk with exotic fruits such as jackfruit!!! (Can you please also open in europe!) I also decided to check out the Indian quarter of the town. Wow what a contrast, new modern skyscrapers are exchanged for small colorful houses. I literally felt like I had entered another town right at that moment. There is also very good authentic Indian cuisine (which was assured to me by an Indian I met on my Sapa excursion). I tried some Indian sweets at a small bakery and just went with the flow for a bit. It was unfortunately already time to head back to the hotel to collect my luggage soon after. Originally I had planned to have one more coconut at the pool but unfortunately you are not allowed to go up to the pool area anymore once you checked out that was a bit sad. However, overall I really enjoyed the time in Singapore and it was a perfect end to my Southeast Asia trip 🙂