Trdelnik: a simple but delicious Czech sweet

Many Prague visitors will have been seen this sweet already around buzzing old town square but I would still like to introduce the rest of you to this deliciousness since I still really like it myself and I will usually get one myself when I come back to Prague: Trdelnik. A wonderful sweet who’s sweet roasting smell lingers in the air while you are marvelling at the colourful facades of the houses around old town square.


What is Trdelnik? It is basically dough that is rolled into thin long strips and then wrapped around a stick. The stick is turning above a source of heat and bakes the dough soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. After a few minutes the dough will be perfect and taken off the stick in order to be rolled in sugar and nuts which caramelise perfectly with the hot baked dough.

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Where can you find Trdelnik? You will be able to find the snack all over Prague with especially many stalls around old town square. Nowadays they are even sometimes filled with ice cream which I think is a great addition to it for the summer time.